What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone tells you about a trip to Sahara? Yes, we also did think about an oasis, gold sands, green plants and a smiling camel. And then, we met Dream Team Caravana and their outstanding, distant and moving expeditions to Sahara. And there was one thing we knew for sure – in this visual communication, there must be more of majestic desert, emptiness and elements as in a Saint Exupery’s nove, than an oasis adventure. As we were looking through the photos we fell in love with this exceptional emptiness and that is, what we wanted to emit in company’s branding, materials and above all, on the website, which is not only an information source about travel to the desert but above all – a great base of knowledge about the desert and nomads.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding

February 2019