Fake News animation for Goethe-Institut
Not so long ago no one even talked about them. Today they seem to be everywhere – fake news. What is it all about? How to endure media manipulations without losing your mind? Goethe-Institut has started a project called „Czytasz i wiesz”, which shows various aspects of fake news and suggests effective ways of using today’s media.
Fake news is basically a news combining true and false information. Thanks to internet fake news can easily spread across the world. Understanding the process may help us prevent fake news from spreading. 
The project is led by Goethe-Institut, with partnerships of Polityka Insight and Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa, and takes place in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. We had  a great pleasure preparing Fake News animation and posters.
Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Graphic Design

April 2019