Heti Dörgés Villám Gézával TV series Key visual

Heti Dörgés Villám Gézával (TV Series)
Comedy Central Hungary + Comedy Central Czech Republic
Heti Dörgés Villám Gézával is a new TV show produced by Comedy Central Hungary. It’s a late night show political sattire focusing on social and political scene in Hungary, hosted by marvellous Villám Gézával.
We had a great pleasure in creating the show’s key visual set in post-apocalyptic environment. Detailed background symbolises most urgent social and political cases Hungary is facing nowadays.
Along with the hungarian version, there’s also a Czech version of the show in the making, the visual retained its original character but has three new hosts and different symbolical spectrum.
CLP Outdoor photo courtesy of Tamás Juhász
Creative Direction, Retouching, Advertising

April 2019