Konica Minolta Sensoric Varnish

Konica Minolta / Sensory Varnish
Konica Minolta sub-brand project
Konica Minolta is an official distributor of a unique 3D printing machine – MGI JetVarnish 3DS unit.
MGI takes digital varnishing to a new level – making it possible to apply both spot UV coating and digital hotstamping in small, customised print runs without a printing plate.
What makes the digital spot coating technology unique is MGI’s ability to create designs with varying thickness levels within a single project.
Our objective was to develop marketing strategy (in cooperation with Konica Minolta marketing department) and to design and prepare promotional materials.
We named the new technology “Sensory Varnish” in order to highlight its unique properties: sensory varnish brings a new quality of tactile experience to the designs, impossible to achieve with conventional UV coating.
For sensory varnish, we created individual branding, key visual and a custom website lakiersensoryczny.pl.
The branding focuses on the 3D effect that can be achieved exclusively with the use of Sensory Varnish. We chose the blue and pink color theme as a reference to double-colored lenses of old-fashioned 3D glasses.
At the very heart of this project, there is the sample box, containing a set of sensory cards showcasing different effects and applications that can be achieved with the use of sensory varnish. The cards include designs for catalogues, business cards, book covers and other materials, allowing the clients to experience the 3D effect first hand. The set of over 20 cards comes in a luxurious hand-made box (premium), or in an elegant folder (economy).
One of the key elements of the project is the website lakiersensoryczny.pl, including MGI JetVarnish specifications, various case studies and a series of video tutorials for graphic designers, explaining different techniques and solutions.
Sample sets can be ordered via www.lakiersensoryczny.pl or directly @Leniva
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design

June 2018