Meet the future of meat — report

Concept and Key Visual ⭢ Lena Mitkowa, Kamil Przybyła
Design & Implementation ⭢ Kamil Przybyła, Janek Mońka
Production ⭢ Lena Mitkowa, Saskia Mońka
Front cover ⭢ a quote from a design by Karolina Szpakowska
The revolution is coming and it’s a fact. More and more is being said about the cultured meat, also known as clean meat – both celebrities and famous global meat companies invest in it. What is clean meat and how is it made? How will its spread affect the future of the meat industry? Are we on the verge of a revolution or is it a threat?
Check out our report and find out yourself.

We published the report together with the Brandy Lab Foundation, and we were responsible for the visual concept of the whole project. In addition, our Creative In Chef – Lena Mitkowa, who specializes in solutions related to sustainable development, is the author of the article “Revolution – are we ready for it?” included in the report.

Editorial Design, Infographic, Art Direction

October 2021