Water is a treacherous medium. It encourages clarity of communication. It seeks the celebration of pure, weightless form and undisturbed beauty. It’s not easy for a photographer to reject this formula. NOW WE’RE OVER THE WATER is a project meant to challenge those obvious paths of artistic expression. It dives into the uncertain, seeking for more than just simple visual pleasures.

Photographer Szymon Kobusiński takes a less traveled path in order to tell a dark, unsettling story of beauty that emerges from the depths of the human mind. He clashes the dreamlike underwater photography with rough, grainy images taken with Hasselblad medium format camera, offering a new quality to the idea of underwater photography. Through this uncompromising form, he reaches beyond the surface of underwater portraits in search of the truth about the human condition.

The project was created in cooperation with graphic artist Neon Neonov and writer Aga Zano. Together, they created an intertextual narrative that invites the viewer to take a step closer – and to look at their own reflection on the water.

Photography, Art Direction, Editorial Design

July 2018