Ogród Codzienny (Everyday Garden) 2020

Ogród Codzienny (Everyday Garden)
Summer 2020 
Our Daily Garden is a result of the open approach of the Wola Park shopping centre in Warsaw. Three years ago, the Wola Garden was already present in front of the mall’s building. It was a community garden, available to the local community of Wola district and to Wola Park customers. This year, the concept was modified and expanded. The new place was going to become a beating green heart of Wola, open and useful to all of the neighbourhood. Another important factor of the project was its educational value: meetings, workshops, and edutainment in the garden itself. The new brand also involves a retail pavilion of the Urban Garden’s partner, that is Owoce&Warzywa. The existing garden needed rearranging; the containers left in front of Wola Park needed upcycling; new challenges awaited us every step of the way.

Client Team:
Kamila Popławska-Bernatowicz
Katarzyna Julia Kamińska
Magda Palkus
Karol Piekarek

Leniva° Team:
Lena Mitkowa (concept & client service)
Mariusz Neonov Mitek (art)
Maria Łepkowska (illustrations & typesetting)
Jan Mońka (support)

Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Illustration

October 2020