SKS – double rebranding and webdesign

Stowarzyszenie Kin Studyjnych (SKS / The Studio Cinemas Association) is an organization established to support and develop the activities of art-house cinemas in Poland and to spread knowledge about artistic cinema.
Sieć Kin Studyjnych i Lokalnych (SKSIL / Network of Studio and Local Cinemas) gathers almost 230 cinemas from all over Poland. It’s main goal is an educational activity and the distribution of films of high artistic value in the cinemas of the Network.

Our task was to rebrand both of these institutions. We wanted to create a fresh and modern approach to the project to reflect the idea of cinema and film without falling into quite well-known patterns. We wanted it to attract attention not only with its form but also with its juicy colors or original typography. The idea that guided us through the work was also to maintain consistent visual communication between SKS and SKSIL.

Web Design, UI/UX, Logo Design

February 2022