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At Katana, a technician and an artist are the same person.

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Talented and highly creative individuals doing what they do best.
A safe and collaborative work environment, with challenging tasks and truly rewarding projects.

Katana is about people who know what they are doing: advanced technologies, creative approaches to problem solving, knowledge of the art(s) and the ability to effectively turn challenges into quality projects.


Strategy / Rebranding / UX&UI


Figma / Illustrator



(01) Approach + Attitude


Artistic engineering / Inner strength / Curiosity / Craftsmanship / Commitment / Technology + art / Tech-driven solutions


Trust / Confidence / Care / Focus / Understanding / Problem solving Honesty / Value system / Innovation

(02) Copy language development


Behind every image you’ll find problems that just wait to be solved. Solutions are like pixels, they build the image.

We believe that real innovation happens when you let technology get creative.

Creative technology and technical artistry.


It takes both an angineer and an artist to solve a visual problem. We are Katana.

Crafting visual stories through innovation.

We approach everything from an artist’s perspective. We are Katana.

(03) Visual Identity

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Leniva° Studio

Art Direction: Neon Neonov

Brand Strategy: Lena Mitkowa

Design: Kamil Przybyła

Design Support: Marta Krzemień-Ojak, Agata Szewczuk

UX/UI: Michał Witucki

Production: Saskia Mońka, Lena Mitkowa


Cappy Childs

Piotr Masiak

Steve Bishop

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See also

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