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Studio for Communication Strategy and Design

We are a design studio.
We do visual communication – creating consistent brand and product identity.

There is more to life than design.

For years, we have been exploring the possibilities that come with critical approach to design. The more we learn about it, the more attention we pay to what surrounds us. It may seem that it’s all about the first impressions, but it is not. It’s about things that work. Where purpose comes first, aesthetics can follow in a meaningful way.

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We are the bridge between the problem and its solution. We like transparent, symmetrical relationships. We offer our full dedication to the creative process and quality of work based on experience, a critical approach to design and decision-making courage. We expect our clients’ trust and being ready to be involved in the process at a similar level. We believe that such balance builds valuable relationships.

We build dedicated teams based on both competences and emotional involvement in the field of a specific project. We make sure that the processes run in a harmonious and effective manner. We find creative solutions, we support and share knowledge. We believe that where the goal comes first, aesthetics can follow in a meaningful way.

Meet our team


A well-thought-out design process is both the cause and the effect of the actions we take. We are aware of the consequences of individual decisions and we want to share this knowledge. This is how we see our professional responsibility. Acquiring knowledge and expanding competences is an integral part of the process for us and a condition for further development. We feel the same in regards to sharing knowledge.

During the cooperation with us, and usually years afterwards, you can rest assured that we will make every effort to ensure that you understand what influences our design decisions, what our goals are and why we choose this method of work and not another. Mutual understanding is the foundation of successful cooperation. That is why we have prepared a set of supporting materials that illustrate the broader context of our work – both in the studio and outside of it.

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Everything we do has a greater or lesser impact on the world around us. How and to what extent we interfere is of colossal importance to us. Design by definition should be embedded in context and take into account the conditions in which the result of our work will function, both locally and globally. One context that we cannot ignore is the climate change. As single individuals or a small team, we are not able to change the world around us, but we can limit our negative impact.

However, we try to be where we can be useful – both by supporting sustainability initiatives and also by developing our own projects and programs (such as the one for sustainable production. See what we have done so far; how we do the lesser evil.


No brief?

Designing for us is not just work and responsibility. We simply like to invent and do new things in the world. And because we want to explore new areas, we give you the opportunity to experience something different. LNV°ST is an experimental label where we choose unusual solutions and return to what design was before we started measuring its effectiveness. It is a collective space for unusual projects, without a brief, without feedback, without restrictions. We offer you open minds and a genuine curiosity about what will come. Ready for a full immersion?

LNV°ST → Liquid Invention State / Liquid Innovation Stage

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