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Lest I forget the tale

Lest I forget the tale

NOMAITRE explores the world of brutal energy combined with sophisticated technical transitions and groovy vocals.

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Their first EP is just coming out, and we had the great pleasure of putting our two cents to its visual side.

“Lest I forget the Tale” is a dystopian story about pain, betrayal and solitude in the vast nothingness of space. Our designs reflect these feelings. Along with the new key art, the new logo followed.

Jatza – Vocals
Marcin – Rhythm / Lead guitar
Radek – Rhythm / Lead guitar
Beton – Bass guitar
Luke – Drums


Branding / Editorial


Photoshop / Illustrator



Design process:
through dissolve
and decay

Final work
+ guidelines

Simple typography was put through a meticulous process of distortion and degeneration, added worn-out effect resonates with the name of the band (en. NO + fr. MAITRE – which combined means “ownerless”, “unowned”, “stray”).

We’ve also prepared an extended logobook with all the necessary promo materials, so NOMAITRE can focus on making noise instead of making posters for their upcoming gig.


Team Leniva° Studio

Illustration and Art Direction: Neon Neonov
Logo Design and Graphic Design: Kamil Przybyła

Client’s Team






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