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Warsaw Shore

Warsaw Shore

Romanza, Suspense, Terrore.
Making a key art for MTV Show.

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As our studio grows and gains new superpowers, we like to test them in real-time battles, on real-life projects. Real guns. Real money.

That’s why when MTV asked us to create a new key art for their Warsaw Shore TV Show we knew it’s a job for LNV°ST, our newly formed special operation task force division.


Key Art / 3D Modeling


Blender / Photoshop



the process

The usual stuff. We wanted to create a slightly more dramatic picture, so we combined a street dance musical with cyberpunk vibes. Dance superheroes in a night dock setting. Knowing that, we started from creating the scene setting in 3D.

After few adjustments we were able to pack the whole cast inside, check if they fit, test lighting, make some fixtures and add some neons.

Cyberpunk on Broadway.
A vanilla neon-noir musical dystopia.

Behind every great image is a story worth at least a thousand words, they say. We like that. That’s why we always think about how certain characters connect and how to create a deeper meaning within just one image.

Scale and composition allowed us to take a closer look and tell a love story captured on movie-like still frames.


Team Leniva° Studio

Concept and Art Direction: Neon Neonov
Scene concept, 3d Modeling and Photo Editing: Rafał Nebelski

Photography: Hubert Zielinski PLEASE Productions

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