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Lambda Warszawa

Lambda Warszawa

Empowering the fearless.

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This brand experience makes us especially proud. We’ve prepared the new strategy / positioning / brand experience / website / communication materials for Lambda Warszawa, the oldest LGBT+ organization in Poland.

It’s simple, bold and inclusive. This is how we redefine the courage.


Strategy / Rebranding / UX&UI


Figma / Illustrator


Lambda Warszawa


Leniva° Studio

Brand Strategy: Lena Mitkowa

Art Direction: Neon Neonov

Design: Kamil Przybyła

UX & UI / Implementation: Michał Witucki

Lambda Warszawa

Krzysztof Kliszczyński

Miłosz Przepiórkowski

Paweł Mamzer

Justyna Karpińska

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