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Why did Webflow become our tool of choice?

At Leniva° Studio, we emphasize the efficiency of processes. We search for tools that not only speed up our work but also exhibit high flexibility.

We believe that a good process is simple, provides a sense of control, and enables rapid achievement of results. Therefore, we have decided to choose Webflow as our main tool for creating websites for clients.

Below are a few arguments that convinced us of this technology.

Design and implementation process

One of the biggest advantages of using Webflow is the time savings resulting from this choice. Traditional methods of creating websites can be time-consuming and require the involvement of many people. Low-code methods, such as Webflow, revolutionize the website creation process by reducing the gap between the design and implementation stages. Our team, combining design and implementation skills, can work on the final website through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, supplementing it with additional scripts in case of more challenging tasks. This means that instead of handing over the graphic design to the development team and waiting for the final result, we work on implementing our vision in real-time. This not only speeds up the pace of work but also allows for ongoing adjustments to the project based on any changes or client suggestions. This results in better coordination of the process and greater satisfaction from all involved in the website creation process.

Focus on the brand

As a branding studio, we focus on the consistency of our clients’ brands, including on their websites. With Webflow, we create unique websites from scratch, precisely replicating the graphic design. We can accurately transfer every detail of the design to implementation, ensuring a perfect match to the brand’s vision. Designed interactions are an extension of the brand’s visual identity, allowing us to build engaging experiences for users and further personalize the website according to how we see the brand.

Webflow vs. WordPress

Compared to other popular platforms like WordPress, Webflow stands out not only for its more intuitive interface and greater flexibility in designing websites but also for providing lower costs and simpler website maintenance. Unlike WordPress, which requires the installation of additional plugins and regular updates for smooth operation, Webflow offers a comprehensive solution that provides seamless hosting, eliminating the need to manage SSL certificates and providing automatic security for all websites. For our clients, this means not only greater convenience and time savings but also the guarantee that their website will function smoothly and efficiently, without unnecessary complications or technical issues.

Webflow is open

Webflow provides unlimited customization possibilities through the use of external scripts and integration with most popular marketing tools, task automation, data analysis, as well as CRM and e-commerce systems. This allows for the creation of innovative and unique solutions.

Webflow and SEO

Using Webflow also allows us to offer our clients SEO optimization without additional efforts. Thanks to integrated tools and optimized hosting, we can ensure that websites created in Webflow achieve high positions in search results, resulting in increased visibility and traffic to our clients’ websites.

Editor + CMS

Webflow is also a modern website editor and CMS tool, allowing for easy content management of the website. With a simple user interface, our clients can quickly update content, add new blog posts, and even create new pages without delving into technical details. Webflow CMS is an excellent system for most types of websites, allowing for the creation of small websites as well as e-commerce stores.


Webflow offers new website localization possibilities, including real-time machine translations. With this feature, our websites can be adapted to different markets and target groups, enabling global expansion for our clients. Machine translations provide quick and effective translation of website content into various languages, which is extremely useful for internationally operating companies. Additionally, Webflow offers the ability to customize content for specific locations, allowing us to tailor the website to the specific needs and preferences of users from different regions of the world.

In summary:

  • Webflow enables focusing on brand consistency by creating unique websites that reflect its values and visual identity
  • Webflow offers simpler deployment, lower costs, and hassle-free website maintenance compared to other platforms, eliminating the need for additional plugins and providing automatic SSL security for all websites
  • The possibility of website localization, including real-time machine translations, allows for adapting the website to different markets and target groups
  • With optimized hosting and integrated SEO tools, websites created in Webflow achieve high positions in search results, increasing visibility and traffic to the client’s website
  • Webflow CMS allows for easy content management of the website, allowing our clients to quickly update content and add new CMS posts without delving into technical details

Is Webflow for me?

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