Perła Summer 2020 Campaign

Perła Summer 2020 Campaign
The year 2020 wasn’t easy on anyone. And we had to think – how can we get across the message about the joys of spending time with friends over a glass of beer in the times of COVID-19?

The campaign was to take off in the spring, right after the end of nationwide lockdown. Socialising was no longer forbidden, but the summer obviously lacked the carefree spirit of the past. We couldn’t avoid addressing it in the campaign concept, which led us to 4 catchphrases:

Keep your distance
Avoid crowds
Check your temperature
Take care of each other


Production: PLEASE Productions @pleaseproductions
Client: Browar Perła @browarperla
Concept / Art / Post : Mariusz Neonov Mitek @neon_neonov_
Photographer / Concept: Hubert Zieliński @hubertjimzielinski / @pleaseproductions
Producer: Katie December @katiedecember / @pleaseproductions
Production Manager: Wiktoria Krasina @wiktoria.krasina / @pleaseproductions

Weronika Spyrka @werushka / @madebymilkpoland 
Szymon Tuz @st.whitey / @united.for.models 
Victory Goncharova @ops_victory 
Kajetan Szwed @kajoszwed

Stylist: Kasia Jabłońska @kasiajablonska_stylist
Makeup and hair: Samanta Fałkowska @samanta.falkowska
Makeup and hair assistant: Agnieszka Rybarczyk
Photography, Graphic Design, Advertising

October 2020