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services + foundation

services + foundation

Codefunded is a decentralized
cooperative aiming to build
a global community of experts
in blockchain and AI.

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Codefunded services is a company specializing in blockchain solutions and tokenization, providing services from consultancy to implementation and communication. Whether you aim to launch a new cryptocurrency, digitize assets, or deploy a decentralized application, codefunded is your trusted partner.

Our task was to develop a brand strategy and positioning, as well as a comprehensive visual identity.




Figma / Illustrator




It’s time for blockchain
and crypto to enter the mainstream.


Leniva° Studio Team

Art Direction: Neon Neonov
Strategy: Lena Mitkowa
Design: Kamil Przybyła, Neon Neonov
3D Rendering: Rafał Nebelski

Client’s Team

Wojciech Bąk
Radosław Ordyniec
Dmytro Morozow
Kamil Planer

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