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Maison Brühl

Maison Brühl

Brand experience light and frivolous, under the patronage
of Countess Bruehl.

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Maison Bruehl is not just an exclusive apartment in the heart of Warsaw, but above all, a unique invitation for connoisseurs wanting to experience the city from an unusual perspective.

Situated where the Bruehl Palace garden used to be, this suite takes its guests back in time, offering a Rococo aesthetic.




Illustrator / Photoshop


Maison Brühl

Our task was to create a unique setting for this place, which starts with the visual identity, incorporates the language of communication, and ends with unique gadgets. Every element of our work reflects the authenticity and history of this place.

The logotype is an exquisite reconstruction of a fireplace stucco detail from the original palace – one of the few elements of the original Rococo interiors that survived in pre-war photographs.


Concept and Art Direction:
Neon Neonov

Logo reconstruction:
Kamil Przybyła

Marta Krzemień–Ojak

CX / Production:
Lena Mitkowa, Saskia Mońka

Photo courtesy of Maison Bruehl

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