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Cultural Magazine.
From Strategy
to Design System

Cultural Magazine.
From Strategy
to Design System

Close, yet efficient cooperation with the client – is it possible? Sure it is.

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We have refreshed the layout of the cultural magazine for the Łódź Voivodeship. The process was exceptionally smooth. We started by conducting workshop with our client. We determined the goal of refreshing the layout and we established aesthetic guidelines.

We had to bear in mind that we don’t know who will be responsible for the magazine’s DTP. Therefore, we need to keep it as simple as possible, we have to prepare a detailed manual and we should prepare a meticulously developed open file.


Editorial / Layout


InDesign / Photoshop


Łódzki Dom Kultury

Decisions to make

The meeting where we presented variations of the most important layout elements proved to be essential. We demonstrated how the choice of each solution would impact the magazine’s appearance.

Thanks to this, even before starting the layout design, we knew how its components should look.

Design system

Łódź is an exceptional place due to its unique combination of industrial history, artistic creativity, cultural diversity, and hospitality. We wanted to refer to Łódź’s cultural and historical heritage from its heyday.

We made an extensive research concerning typography and typesetting of print materials connected with Łódź and we incorporated them with aesthetic requirements established during workshops.

User Manual

We completed the work by providing open files (of course) and developing a detailed user manual that covers such matters as page composition, graphic treatment of images, sample layouts, paragraph and character styles, and everything in-between.

Starting from the cover and the graphic treatment of images, through master pages, paragraph and character styles, and ending with examples of layout compositions.


Team Leniva° Studio

Strategy: Lena Mitkowa

Art Direction: Neon Neonov

Design / Typesetting: Marta Krzemień-Ojak

Production: Saskia Mońka, Lena Mitkowa

Client’s Team (Łódzki Dom Kultury)

Jacek Wiśniewski

Bogdan Sobieszek

Aleksandra Talaga-Nowacka

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