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Less mess.
More life

Less mess.
More life

This is our slogan for the March campaign of Port Łódź, a shopping center based in Łódź, Poland, which is a part of INGKA Centres. Order and its maintenance have a big impact on our lives – it organizes not only space around us but also our thoughts and well-being.

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We started the campaign by creating its concept – we focused on everyday objects that allow us to organize the space in our homes. Organizers, drawer inserts, bins, baskets and many more.

We wanted to intrigue the audience and show them that order can not only be pleasant but can also be a great backdrop for a campaign. Along with the concept, we also proposed a motto – ‘Less mess. More life’, which consistently appears on the prepared materials.


Campaign / Design


Illustrator / InDesign / Photoshop


Port Łódź

Key Art

We organized a photo session for the purposes of the campaign. We had a lot of fun and the effects came out pretty amazing!

The elements of everyday use combined with strong, colorful backgrounds and perfect harmony of order gave a fresh, eye-catching effect that stood out not only during the campaign on the Internet, but also in outdoor materials. 

The campaign gave us a lot of joy and was met with great interest.

Order to go!

We analyzed the needs of the recipients of our campaign and, based on our conclusions, we created a notebook-workbook containing practical tips and tricks, as well as a handful of theoretical knowledge about organizing the space around us.

Our goal was to educate both our client and campaign recipients, we also wanted to invite them to join our action. Our guide has also been distributed along with the April issue of “Wysokie Obcasy”, a magazine known all over Poland!


Inspiration is not enough. The recipients of our campaign had the opportunity to see for themselves what ‘less mess’  is. We prepared a competition in which the main prize was shopping at the Port Łódź and a decluttering session with a specialist in this field – Maria Ernst-Zduniak (@DomoweMetamorfozy).

Thanks to this, the theoretical knowledge we provided could be tested in real life and was a real change in the lives of our audience. 

We also invited Ania Lagenza – an influencer known under the nickname Niebałaganka to join our campaign, and an order expert – Agnieszka Krakós-Gorący aka ProstaOrganizacja, who shared her tips with us.

The campaign gave us a lot of joy and was met with great interest. Our materials filled both the streets of Łódź and space inside the Port Łódź. Prepared digital elements could be seen not only in the channels of the Port Łódź, but also on the profiles of our influencers.


Leniva° Studio Team

Concept and Key Visual: Neon Neonov
Production: Lena Mitkowa, Saskia Mońka 
Implementation: Neon Neonov


Author: Lena Mitkowa
Editorial: Saskia Mońka
Support: Agnieszka Krakós-Gorący 
Proofreading: Saskia Mońka, Jagoda Olesiak
Design: Marta Krzemień-Ojak

Photographer’s Team: 

Federico Caponi
Andrea Beggio

Influencer Team: 

Ania Lagenza 
Maria Ernst-Zduniak
Agnieszka Krakós-Gorący 

Client’s Team:

Jagoda Olesiak
Maria Szwed

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